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Welcome to the DEIS project

Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS) provide the potential for vast economic and societal impact in domains such as automotive, health care and home automation. The open and cooperative nature of CPS poses a significant new challenge in assuring dependability. The DEIS project addresses this important and unsolved challenge by developing technologies that enable a science of dependable system integration. Such technologies facilitate the efficient synthesis of components and systems based on their dependability information. The key innovation in the approach of the DEIS project is the concept of Digital Dependability Identity (DDI). A DDI contains all the information that uniquely describes the dependability characteristics of a CPS component. DDIs are used for the integration of components into systems during development as well as for the dynamic integration of systems into systems of systems in the field.

Facts and Figures

Project name: DEIS
Ø  Dependability Engineering Innovation for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

Call: H2020-EU.2.1.1
Project duration:
January 2017 – December 2019 (3 years)
Total Budget: 4.9M€
EC Funding: XX
Project Coordinator: AVL List GmbH

Project Objectives

Based on the concept of DDI, the DEIS project seeks to provide a modelling and integration framework that lays the foundation for assuring the dependability of CPS. To achieve this the project has the following key objectives:
  • An open dependability exchange (ODE) metamodel and a universal format for specifying DDIs.
  • A framework for the creation and modular synthesis of DDIs.
  • A framework for the in-the-field dependability assurance in CPS.
  • Developement of autonomous and connected CPS use cases for different application domains, and validation of applicability and scalability of the DDIs